Taking Proper Measurements

  Custom Skate orders



Trace outline of both feet (in relaxed sitting position). Keep pencil in upright or vertical position, close to foot.

    2. Measure tip of toe to center of heel in Inches.  


3. Use a tape measure and measure the Ball, Instep, Heel, Ankle and Top in the sitting Position.  
4. Include skaters Age, Height, Weight, and Test Level, previous skate and blade brand and sizes.  
5. Coaches Name and contact phone number  
6. Mail or Fax information to Discount Skatewear (Fax) 602-494-2403  

Custom Dress/Apparel Orders




The most important measurement is the Torso. Place the measuring tape on the shoulder as shown, drop the tape down the back of the body, between the legs and up the front. When the tape completes a full circle that is your complete measurement.. Have the skater stand Tall but relaxed.

See Sizing Info for manufacturer stock sizing charts.